How To Get Out Of Your Head With Julianna Beckert (IMPROV WORKHSOP)

Saturday, Feb 18, 2023 @ 12:00 PM • $50.00

Make improv scenes easier by generating content organically. Let’s get out of our heads and into our bodies and feelings. This workshop will show you how to find a deeper connection with your scene partner, and release you from the pressure of inventing. 

Let’s not worry about the “rules” of improv couple of hours, so we can slow down and find beautiful acting moments. You’ll learn tools to help you be hyper-present, find your character from within your body, and see the scenario in your partner’s eyes. We’ll discover genuine human moments that pull the audience in and drum up some big belly laughs. 

Instructor Bio: 
Julianna Beckert — a former performance artist, and musician — found her way to improv in 2017. She’s studied sketch and improv with Rise Comedy and Second City. She practices clown under the guidance of Jet Eveleth. She’s been an active member of teams focused on a variety of forms, such as living room, musical improv, la Ronde as well as short-form. She currently focuses on her clown-prov duo, Juls n Lis, sketch with Snack Table, and clown with Idiot Theatre.

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1260 22nd Street, Denver 80205

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