ZZZ-J.T.S Brown 2 DAY INTENSIVE 11/4/23

Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 @ 11:00 AM • $150.00

The Class: Nick Armstrong will teach you a master philosophy of play known as the J.T.S. Brown, rarely done, this “form” if done right, is one of the most magical, group mind forward shows there is in improv. Nick is one of the only trained instructors of the J.T.S. Brown as he learned it for 3 years under Craig Cackowski, one of the original members. We will have six hours to develop group mind and come up with a show that is both funny and profound.

Schedule: November 4th and 5th 11am-4:30pm

Show: There will also be a show on Sunday, November 5th at 6p

Requirements: Level 301 and up

The J.T.S. Brown is a unique form of improv.
Challenging but rewarding, complex yet freeing, JTS Brown is renowned as one of the most unique improv forms ever created. Highly theatrical in its form, it originated in the late ‘90s in Chicago by a large ensemble formed by Jason Sudeikis, Ike Barinholtz, Craig Cackowski. Craig directed a version of it in LA called NiteTerrors with ensemble members Nick Armstrong, Jessica Young and many more. JTS Brown demands complete concentration and absolute support from its players. A large ensemble creates an interesting packaging for strong scene work by following dream logic and utilizing physical transformations.

ABOUT J.T.S. BROWNJ.T.S. Brown was not a form so much as a philosophy of play. It was designed for a large cast (10-14 people), to involve as many players as possible at a time, to have a higher level of theatricality and polish than a typical improv show, and to encourage any move to be made at any time, with the idea that anything that happened was the perfect thing to happen. There is no set structure.


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