One Person Show Class (Saturdays 3/4-4/8 at 3pm)

Saturday, Mar 4, 2023 @ 3:00 PM • $350.00

 Do you have a story to tell that doesn’t have enough punchlines to be considered stand-up? And not enough tears to be considered a drama? This workshop is for you. This comedy special has been evolving in the past years to include more elements than just jokes and a microphone and the one person show is emerging as the anything goes artform that can be tailored for many outlets, jokes, storytelling, keynote speaking, and theater. But with so much potential it is hard to know where to start in such an open ended format. In this three week workshop has three focuses:
Week 1: Studying- and discussion of one person show examples, as well as writing prompts to help decide what the creator might talk about in their one person show.
Week 2: Creating- time to develop and receive feedback on a synopsis and outline of someone’s show as a jumping off point for developing a script for a one person show. As well as a zoom panel of a few creatives who have done a one person show in order to ask questions! (This segment may be split between weeks one and two depending on scheduling)
Week 3: Co-Directing: Students will pick a partner or small group to help to help them consider what theatrical elements they might bring into a one person show, using technology, props and other storytelling tools to turn their story from words to a performance as well as discussing where someone might take this show to perform it.
Week 4: Acting: We will cover basics of acting, study clips from a one person show, and students will write a practice a 2 minute sample from their show or another work of their choosing in order to start developing some beginner acting chops.
Week 5: Feedback: Students will learn about who to ask for feedback, how to handle criticism, and tips for staying true to the original vision of the show. 
Week 5/6: Preview Weeks: Students will have an opportunity to perform, tape and receive feedback on a segment of their show. Preview length will be determined by how many students are in the class.)
Class Schedule (all at Rise Comedy) Saturdays 3/4-4/8 at 3PM

We highly recommend you are vaccinated if you come to RISE Comedy! If you are not, you assume all of the risks involved in contracting COVID-19. Our theater will adhere to all CDC, City and State guidelines as they evolve. All sales are final and no refunds are permitted. Ticket price listed does not include service fee.

Students will receive their class info 12-24 hours in advance via email. Please check your spam folder if you do not see this email! All class participants must be 18+ unless otherwise specified in the class/workshop description.


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