SKETCH 201 (Wednesdays 1/3-2/7 @6:30pm-9:15pm)

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Continuing off what we learned in sketch 101, this course will help you write your sketches and generate ideas on the spot, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN IMPROVISER TO BE IN THIS CLASS! Please don’t stress out when you see that, we are only using it as a tool to generate ideas and write our sketches. This will be a fun adventure and you’ll come out of class with a firm understanding about how to trust yourself, your ideas, and your instincts more. In this class, you will also learn more types of sketches to write.

Prerequisites: Sketch 101
Instructor:  Wolfgang Stein is an actor, writer and director from Wisconsin. He taught at the Second City Training Center and The Annoyance. He currently teaches at Rise Comedy in Denver. His Chicago credits include My Cosmic Blowout, Fire & Beer: Annoyance House Ensemble, Oprah! A Comedy!, Lady Balls, Reality Recap Reunion, Film Sküle, Awful People present Stealing From The King and Lady Mechanics: The Musical. He has acted in many short films that have traveled the world on the festival circuit and can be seen in Curtains on Amazon Prime. He enjoys playing with Jack & The Wolf, his two-man group with Jack Thurston Farrell. They have toured to comedy festivals around the US. He believes improv may save the world.


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