The "I" in Improv Workshop

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024 @ 6:30 PM • $75.00

The thing that sets improv apart from most other performing arts is how much of ourselves we bring to our shows. We are performer, writer, and director each time we hit the stage. In this workshop we'll explore different ways you can tap into your authentic self while living under imaginary circumstances. We'll examine your own opinions as the performer in the scene and experiment with ways to funnel your unique POV into the character you are playing. We will work on finding the balance between performer/writer/director and how you can be truthful to yourself in the scene, while also making space for your scene partners to honor their own authenticity. This workshop is all about "you" in improv. Or "I" if you're talking about yourself. Get it?

Carla Cackowski is an improviser in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of The Second City LA, Upright Citizens Brigade, and iO West (formerly Improv Olympic) and has played on mainstage improv teams at all three theaters. She toured the Caribbean, Canada, Alaska, and Europe performing with The Second City aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. Carla spent a year in Portland, Oregon as the Co-Artistic Director of Curious Comedy Theater and was most recently the Training Center Director and Artistic Director at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA. Carla frequently travels all over the world teaching and performing improv with her scene partner onstage and off (her husband, Craig Cackowski), as part of the duo Orange Tuxedo


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