April Fools' Drag Roast - Sun 4/2/23

No Upcoming Shows • Starting from $18.00

Reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL! And in the grand tradition of 'Paris is Burning' the Denver Public Library is open for 6 local drag queens, kings and things to read each other down for YOUR enter-TAINT-ment! Join us on Sunday, April 2nd from 7-9 PM for the April Fools' Drag Roast, where you'll not only get an hour of some of the shadiest roasts, but also a drag show after intermission where each roaster will perform their funniest number possible! A portion of the special drink proceeds goes to Bee the Vibe, a local LGBTQ+ non-profit, so if you don't come then you're homophobic. Come support local drag and watch the claws come out!

We highly recommend you are vaccinated if you come to RISE Comedy! If you are not, you assume all of the risks involved in contracting COVID-19. Our theater will adhere to all CDC, City and State guidelines as they evolve. All sales are final and no refunds are permitted. Ticket price listed does not include service fee.

Shows are all ages before 10:00 PM, 21+ after 10:00 PM.


RISE Comedy - 1260 22nd Street, Denver 80205

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